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Women and safety. If you are anything like me, you are sick and tired of seeing the news coverage of so many women falling victim to violence. Ending violence against women is a priority. This comes through education, skills, strategies, and community involvement.

Although there will always be violence in our world, if we can help a woman gain an advantage of knowing what to do in the case of danger, then we have fulfilled our mission. We believe that giving women an advantage will greatly reduce her vulnerability. There are so many programs for victims and survivors of violence. We wish to offer proactive choices in order to reduce the number of victims in the first place. We strive to be part of the solution. Filling this need with education, compassion, understanding, and confidence.


We DO NOT teach any kind of martial arts. We teach ‘women specific’ techniques that are geared towards using a woman’s natural strengths. If you as a woman were to learn how to fight like a man, it won’t be as effective.  ” “Fight like a girl” means that  a woman brings her particular strengths to the conflict while minimizing the strengths of a man. ”  The goal ALWAYS is to get away. HOW to get away is what we teach. These are ‘women specific’ movements you can do as a woman to help defend yourself should you find yourself in a dangerous position.

We teach women how to empower themselves with knowledge and information so that they may keep themselves and their loved ones safe.



What do we offer?

Each and every class we teach, every seminar we speak at, every workshop, every program we run, and every event we attend is tailored specifically to each audience we are working with.


Play It Safe Self Defense© for Kids 4-13

PlayItSafe© has been designed to offer the best and most practical self-defense techniques in realistic assault situations for both girls and boys.


                 Verbal self-defense and de-escalation techniques

                 Physical and mental aspects of self-defense

     Sexual Assault prevention & Avoidance safety information

              Stranger awareness vs. Acquaintance assaults

      A.B.C.’s of self-defense: Awareness, Boundaries, Confidence

              Physical Defensive techniques

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Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and 4-H! WE CAN TRAVEL TO YOUR TROOP’S LOCATION!

The cost of the workshops are on a per student basis based upon location, i.e. Springfield, Westfield, Holyoke, Westhampton, Southampton, Williamsburg, Northampton, Goshen, and surrounding towns. Serving Hampden County & Hampshire County.  A class size of 15-25 students is needed, we suggest combining troops, or inviting friends and siblings.

Please contact Arriving Safe for fees and available dates.

For more information, please call Barbara Ann at (413) 320-8737 or Email: barbara@arrivingsafe.com.


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After School Programs for pre-teens/teens

It is unfortunate on so many levels that we must teach our younger girls how to be safe. It is, however, a reality. The goal is NOT to scare them, nor to teach them that the world is unsafe. It IS a way for us as parents to give our teens/pre-teens the knowledge, skills and tools of which they can carry for the rest of their lives.

The statistics of violence against women are staggering. If you would like to learn more of actual statistics within the United States, please click here.

Bringing self-defense programs to schools across the nation is a must! Our programs include:

Being aware! Assessing our environment as we go through life. Kids these days are less aware than ever before! Many times updating their status or chatting on Instagram take priority to most everything else. This creates opportunities for people with less than admirable intentions to victimize with much more ease.

Skills to teach avoidance of potential problems, using their voice, the importance of making eye contact, drawing attention to a potential attack, using their cell phones as weapons, scanning parking lots before and during the walk to the car, listening to their inner voice (i.e. their gut) and many more!

If we don’t teach our girls how to keep themselves safe, they may not know what to do and become yet another victim!


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Women do not ask for, cause, invite, nor deserve to be assaulted. Women and men sometimes exercise poor judgement about safety behavior, but that does not make them responsible for the attack. Attackers are responsible for their attacks and their use of violence to overpower, control, and abuse another human being.
Whatever a woman’s decision in a given self-defense situation, whatever action she does or does not take, she is not at fault. A woman’s decision to survive the best way she can must be respected. Self-defense workshops are not used as judgement against a victim/survivor.

Our self-defense workshops do not “tell” an individual what she “should” or “should not” do. Our program offers education of options, techniques, and a way of assessing situations. We point out what USUALLY works best in MOST situations, but each situation is unique and the final decision rests with the person actually confronted by the situation.



Corporate Self-Defense Employee Training


Many companies provide self-defense training as part of their wellness programs. It shows your employees that you care about their safety, both on and off the job. Personal safety concerns include; robbery, assaults, rape, work-place violence, domestic violence and home invasions. Crime victims suffer a tremendous amount of physical and psychological trauma. This will affect job performance and the workplace environment.

More and more companies are hosting self-defense workshops as a means of providing a much needed benefit for their employees and staff. Hospitals, real estate agents, courier services and even in-home caregivers are seeing the benefits of adding self-defense training to their employee’s training schedule. Smart companies know they cannot afford to have any employee become a victim of violence on, or off the job. Each member of a team is valuable, and important to the overall well being of a company.

Many companies still tend to rely on traditional benefit programs to keep their employees safe and healthy. Programs like health insurance, wellness programs, and on-the-job training. Today, some of the most successful companies are seeing the financial benefits of keeping their employees happy and healthy through the use of new and exciting options. Many are adopting programs that directly focus on reducing job related stress, absenteeism and employee turnover.

Adding the services of a self-defense consultant may be one of the best investments your company makes this year. It’s just one more way of insuring the long-term growth of staff and company alike. Let’s face it; workplace violence can cause significant increases in worker’s compensation, damage employee moral, lower self-confidence and increase work-related stress. It can even cause you to lose your most talented people as they leave to find a safer and more secure work environment. Here are a few of the groups we work with;

  • Hospitals and Medical Centers
  • Real Estate Professionals
  • Banking Professionals
  • In-Home Caregivers
  • Law Firms
  • Teachers
  • HR Employees
  • Small Business Owners
  • Office and Administrative Staff
  • Sales Professionals
  • Corporate Executives
  • People who travel
  • Courier Services

One important component to empowering your staff is to prepare them for the “unexpected.” Self-defense training is essential for those who want to build confidence and ensure that they are protected against the unexpected. Employees who have a sense of “knowing what to do,” are more relaxed, empowered, and able to make better decisions.

Awareness, Preparedness, and Self Defense training can bring a one-hour safety presentation to your group or conduct full hands-on classes. Our program covers:

• Awareness and Avoidance
• What predators look for in their victims
• Boundaries, Voice and Confidence: The Keys to Self-Protection
• Physical self-defense techniques
• Family Defense
• Personal protection devices


For more information or to schedule a group training at your facility, please contact Arriving Safe


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We are certified RAD instructors We hold classes wherever they are requested.

Mission Statement
“The mission of the R.A.D. Systems is to establish an accessible, constantly improving and internationally respected alliance of dedicated Instructors. These Instructors in turn, will provide educational opportunities for women, children, men and seniors to create a safer future for themselves. In doing this, we challenge society to evolve into an existence where violence is not an acceptable part of daily life.”

R.A.D. has trained more than 900,000 women since the program began in 1989.

R.A.D. is the only existing program with a free lifetime return and practice policy, honored worldwide.

R.A.D. is the only self-defense program ever endorsed by the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (IACLEA), National Academy of Defense Education, the National Self- Defense Institute (NSDI) and Redman Training Gear.

Lawrence N. Nadeau, Director of Instructional Development and Founder.


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