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We are incredibly passionate about helping women. We believe in women. All women. We as women are stronger than we think we are. Women have been brought up in a culture long overdue for a massive overhaul of what it is to truly be female. It is time for us as women to begin to realize in all aspects of our lives how awesome we have always been! For unknown (or known) reasons, we have kept much of ourselves hidden.

All we have to do is turn on the news to see yet another woman who has become a victim of violence. Enough is enough!! We at Arriving Safe shall educate as many women and girls as we possibly can to stand up and say “NO!”

By sharing, educating, and creating an environment of self empowerment, we shall become Women Strong© !


Our Vision/Mission Statement

To create a world where women and girls are no longer victimized! We facilitate environments of learning core strengths physically, mentally, psychologically, and spiritually.

We wish to offer proactive choices in order to reduce the number of women victims.

We strive to be part of the solution. Filling this need with education, compassion, understanding, and confidence.

 By sharing, educating, and creating an environment of self-empowerment, we shall become WomenStrong!!

Encouraging each woman to find her strength and power from the inside out.

A world without violence against women! We must begin somewhere!!

Why not here?

Why not now?

We are strong – WomenStrong© !



Meet the Team

Our team views all violence against women and girls unacceptable. We envision a world where women are safe and without fear. We are dedicated to educating with passion and compassion.

Barbara Ann – Founder

Barbara Ann is the founder of Arriving Safe. She completed and graduated from the FBI Citizens Academy Boston Division in 2018. She is a mainstream blogger, certified “Play It Safe”© Self Defense instructor, as well as a certified First Responder. She is an active member of the WBOA and is passionate in her desire to help women step fully into their power in many ways. She works with many who wish to create positive changes in their lives in a variety of ways. These include seminars, workshops, classes, as well as one on one sessions via Skype or in person.

Barbara Ann is also the owner of The Barking Basement where she devotes much of her time loving the animals that come in for their spa treatments.

Wife and mother of four, and grandmother of the cutest little boy EVER! During her free time, Barbara Ann enjoys hiking, reading, and spending time with her family.




Irma Lopez


Irma has been a certified R.A.D. instructor for over 10 years, certified S.A.F.E. instructor, certified in Keychain Defense, is a certified First Responder, certified “Play It Safe”© Self Defense instructor, and is also a campus police officer for a local college. She is gifted as bilingual speaking both English and Spanish.

Irma is passionate about teaching women and girls safety and reducing their chances of becoming victims of violence. Her passions also include prevention of child trafficking and any/all types of abuse against children. She abhors how society deals with the issue of rape and has made it her life’s ambition to create the steps necessary to be the change we wish to see.

Wife and mother of three boys, in her spare time, Irma enjoys all outdoor activities including hiking, camping, running, and kayaking.


Kimberly Hallet


Kimberly is a Mathematics Middle School and High School Teacher for the past 18 years at our local school.  She is certified ‘Play It Safe’© instructor.

 Kimberly is passionate about helping students and adults learn to be self aware and pro-active in their ability to be prepared for any situation, especially students entering into college years.

Kimberly is a wife and mother to one child and two stepchildren.  Her interests include golfing and crafts as well as attending many different sporting events.


For more information:

If you would like more information or would like to bring a workshop, a school assembly, a Play It Safe Self Defense© program, or R.A.D. class to your location, please click the red contact button.

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Important Phone Numbers:

Police:     911

Safe Passage HOTLINE (Sexual Assault Hotline):     413-545-0800

Safelink (Statewide Hotline):     877-785-2020

Mass. Justice Project (Legal Services):     800-639-1209

MOVE (Batterer’s Intervention Program):     413-253-9588

Womanshelter/Companeras:     Holyoke, MA   413-536-1628

YWCA – New Beginnings:     Westfield, MA   800-479-6245

YWCA – Arch:     Springfield, MA   800-796-8711

Useful Websites:

Violence Against Women

Jane Doe

Youth Violence Prevention

Safe Passage


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