What Will Be Your Legacy?

Blog I Originally Wrote in November 2015

I speak for no one but myself. I wonder though, what legacy do you wish to leave? What do you want to be remembered for? Right now, our humanity is experiencing a terrible dilemma, or so it seems. Friday November 13th Paris was savagely attacked. The world was outraged. The media outlets disseminated the information as it came in. As with 9/11, people sat in front of their electronic devices and watched as the events unfolded. Many who chose to watch the repeated images and information given took to social media to voice their disgust and their outrage. And then there were others. Others who chose not to turn a blind eye, but chose to limit their exposure to all sources of information and opinions of the public and politicians.

I chose the latter. I did the same when it was 9/11. I was not less horrified than the person tuned in to the media. I was not untouched emotionally, mentally, nor spiritually. It was not any clearer to me as to how or why we as a human race can commit this type atrocity. Nor was I turning a blind eye and pretending it didn’t happen. We all know it did.
Now, as before with 9/11, the opinions of what to do next are highly suggestable and vengeful. Social media has exploded with the rage and self righteous indignation of many. Everyone, regardless of their opinion, believes they are right. Not one person states emphatically their thoughts and opinions with any inclination whatsoever that they are anything but right.

Arguments over people. Syrian refugees to be more precise. What to do with those people who are fleeing a war-torn country in search of a life, or to be more frank, to stay alive. The images I HAVE seen show destruction on an unimaginable scale. The images portrayed are of dead babies, powder-covered children crying next to their lifeless parents. The images show parents and family members so wracked with grief they can barely breathe. They scream silently to us as pictures have no sound. I wonder if you could dare to bare listening to that sound. It’s bone chilling. It’s so emotionally charged few, if any, would be able to actually listen to those sobs and be able to walk away. It is not in our nature to do so. It is in our biology to help those in need.
However, these are simply images, pictures with no sound. We have the ability to turn off those images and instead turn to social media and spew our hatred. The outcry of “Not in MY state!!” Governors who defy direction to provide assistance to the fleeing refugees. Arguments of why we can spend millions on saving refugees and not on those in need in our own country.

“What about our vets?”
“What about our homeless?”
“What about the cuts in spending that allow for the mentally ill or our elderly to slip away unnoticed or largely ignored?”

Arguments of why we should not allow refugees in our country. The fear of also allowing terrorists in who are hidden within the crowds of innocent refugees. News flash folks: the terrorists are already here. We teach them how to fly, how to fight, give them free education, free housing. Free for them, but SOMEBODY has to pay. We put ‘those others’ ahead of Americans. We are angry because we, as born and raised Americans, have to get a second or third job to put our children through college yet these refugees will get it all for free. They will get driver’s licenses, and they will even get to vote!!!

Those who say ‘yes’ to allowing people in our country feel that you cannot ignore those who are in such desperate need of help. You cannot judge all people as possible terrorists simply because of a few ‘bad ones’. I even saw a question posed like this: “Suppose, out a bunch of 100 grapes, there was one poisoned one. Would you carefully inspect them hoping to find and isolate the 1? Or would you crush all 100, just to destroy the 1?” You can imagine the gamut of responses.

Arguments in relation to this 1 vs. 100 include the removal of the Confederate Flag because some idiot white kid decided to shoot a group of unsuspecting black people in a church. So the Confederate flag was subject to scrutiny over it’s meaning in history. Or how about the black kid who has a hoodie on? Will he shoot someone based on his clothing choice and the color of his skin? According to history, that’s what has happened before isn’t it?

What of those of religious persuasion who say “NO” to allowing refugees in our country who, in the very next breath say abortion is wrong as it is killing innocent babies? How about our horror when a white kid went on a shooting spree in an elementary school?

The point here is that we are humanity. We are not black or white or Asian or Syrian or Muslim or …………. We are humanity. It appears we have lost that. Have you ever noticed how sad and upset people get when we see an animal like a lion turn and kill it’s own child? Or how bad we feel when an animal turns its back and refuses to feed or allow a baby animal to be a part of the herd? We feel awful. We feel the need to ‘rescue’ it. What is our reasoning? And how and why are refugees any different?

We will all die. Each and every one of us. It is the only 100% guarantee we have at birth. No amount of money, wealth, nor prestige will stop this from happening. So do you choose to live? What legacy will you leave behind? Everyone has that special someone who will be elated with our passing, but what about the ones that matter? How will we be remembered? Perhaps that is of no concern of yours.


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